100% Donation Policy - Mission Relief - Mission Relief are a UK registered charity focused on alleviating the suffering and saving lives across the globe. We are dedicated on tackling the root cause of poverty and providing immediately relief to those most in need.

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100% donation policy


What is a 100% donation policy? 

Policies provide guidance, consistency, accountability, efficiency, and clarity on how an organization operates. Mission Relief have created a ‘100% donation policy’ as guidance on how to operate for all its Trustees, Members and Volunteers. This helps eliminate any errors and gives clear guidelines on how to manage your donations.  

Why Mission Relief have decided to have a 100% donation policy

Although it is not a religious obligation to have a 100% donation policy, we feel that every penny of your hard-earned money should be used for what it is intended. This in turn means that we are able to help more people who are in need and you receive the full reward of your donation. However, implementing such a policy does create a dilemma. How do we cover operating costs, money transfer fees, governance fees such as policy making and financial accounting, website running costs and so much more? Mission Relief are consistently working on finding new and innovative ways of generating income to cover such costs. 

How does Mission Relief maintain a 100% donation policy?

All members of our board and staff are dedicated humanitarians who volunteer their precious time and skills in assisting Mission Relief to deliver on its goals. 

Mission Relief currently have in place a scheme where you can donate your unwanted clothes, which we sell or recycle. Our online store at www.ebay.co.uk/missionrelief is where you can buy these products.  

We have also approached a number of businesses with an opportunity to support Mission Relief in return for a marketing / advertising space on our marketing materials such as posters, banners, website and garments. 

We have a separate donation link on our website for any individual or group to support our work.

Mission Relief are creating numerous fundraising events alongside our appeals fundraising events to help support the running cost of the organisation. 

Gift Aid is another channel which we use to help cover our running costs and it is extremely important for our donors who are UK tax payers to tick on the gift aid box when donating.

Finally, any unused funds from your donations that is intended for the running costs is transferred to the most urgent appeal.

What this means for you

A 100% donations policy means every single penny donated by you, your family or friends is used strictly for charitable efforts. Donations go into a ‘charity-only’ bank account from which nothing is deducted for fundraising or operational costs. Your donation is able to help more struggling members of our worldly society and you can rest assure that your good intentions will be rewarded.