Appeals - Mission Relief - Mission Relief are a UK registered charity focused on alleviating the suffering and saving lives across the globe. We are dedicated on tackling the root cause of poverty and providing immediately relief to those most in need.

0333 339 6556

100% donation policy



Where Most Needed

Provide relief to those struggling to survive

East Africa Hunger Crisis

Support a hungry family of 5 for just £35

Orphan Feeding

Help feed orphans for just £3 a meal

Women's Hygiene Pack

Provide women with no access to sanitary products, with reusable hygiene packs

Build a Water Well

Provide clean water for life for a community in East Africa

Orphan Sponsorship

Provide a lifeline to an orphan and change their life forever

Clean Water

Provide clean water tanks to those living in areas where wells can't be built


Fulfill 1 of the 5 pillars of Islam with your donation

Build A Masjid

Gain countless reward for your hereafter