Meet The Trustees - Mission Relief - Mission Relief are a UK registered charity focused on alleviating the suffering and saving lives across the globe. We are dedicated on tackling the root cause of poverty and providing immediately relief to those most in need.

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Our Trustees

Hamza ahmed CEO of Mission Relief
Hamza Ahmed
Founder and Chairman

“I am the Founder and Chairman of Mission Relief, a charity organisation dedicated to providing critical aid and support to communities in need around the world. I have a passion for humanitarian work and a relentless drive to make a positive impact. I have been involved in humanitarian relief work from my early twenties aiding those suffering from the Syria war.

From my experience working in the public and corporate sector, it has allowed me to gain knowledge, experience and skills which are transferable, from project management, to fundraising and organisational development. My strategic approach and commitment to sustainability have ensured that the organisations efforts not only address immediate needs but also contribute to long-term recovery and resilience.

I chose to create Mission Relief because I am deeply committed to addressing the urgent needs of communities affected by disasters and crises. Witnessing the profound impact first hand of heartbreaking events on vulnerable populations inspired me to create an organisation dedicated to providing swift, effective, and compassionate aid with an emphasis on trust, transparency and reliability. I believe in Mission Relief’s mission to not only offer immediate assistance but also to focus on sustainable recovery and resilience-building, ensuring long-term support and empowerment for those in need. This approach aligns with my core values and drives my dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world.”

Salman Anwar

“This is my first official role in the charity sector, and I am really excited to be part of Mission Relief. Having seen the work Hamza and the rest of the fantastic board have been doing for nearly two years has been inspirational. My day job involves brand development, networking, negotiating and risk management. I hope to bring those skills to the table when helping Mission Relief grow and support even more beneficiaries, insha’Allah.

I believe it is important to have good moral and ethical values but also to demonstrate and display them. Our donors put a lot of trust in use to deliver their amanah to the beneficiaries and seeing how serious all the board take this has been inspirational. I want to be a part of this to gain some share in the reward from the AlMighty and to further help Mission Relief demonstrate and display these values to its donors.”

Usman ahmed headshot
Usman Ahmed
Chief Finance Officer

“Mission Relief’s finances was entrusted upon me at the very start when the charity was registered. I took this responsibility on, knowing how important and delicate finances are especially because the money is a trust from donors that need to reach Mission Relief’s beneficiaries. My aims in this role are to make a difference, earn good deeds and to ensure that the charity is stable and secure whilst following correct guidelines and good practices.

I work for HMRC. This has given me knowledge and experience of dealing with finances. My motivation and dedication, along with my aptitude to learn, develop and exceed, puts Mission Relief’s finances in capable hands.

Mission Relief’s key values along with the amazing work we carry out is why I am part of mission relief. Whether it is feeding orphans, providing a source of clean water, providing aid in emergency situations or providing women with essential hygiene packs, I believe that mission Relief’s work is essential to empowering communities and alleviating poverty.”

Ikhlas Alvi
Events and Partnership Manager

“As the Events and Partnerships Manager at Mission Relief, I am dedicated to orchestrating impactful events and cultivating strategic partnerships that drive our mission forward. My role involves planning, executing and collaborating with local partners to help sponsor and raise awareness at our various fundraising events throughout the year, this in turn helps to deliver emergency aid and sustainable development projects across East Africa. By leveraging our 100% donation policy, I ensure that every contribution directly supports those in dire need.

With a robust background in contactless payments and fintech, also as the Head of Payment Solutions at Modern World Payments, I bring a wealth of expertise in sales, networking, IT, and relationship management to my voluntary role at Mission Relief. My professional journey has equipped me with critical skills in strategic planning and execution, enabling me to effectively manage complex projects and foster strong partnerships. My experience in leading diverse teams and navigating the challenges of the modern business landscape directly contribute to my ability to drive successful outcomes for Mission Relief.

My commitment to Mission Relief stems from firstly a trusted & committed friendship spanning almost 30 years with the CEO and CFO respectively, secondly a deep-seated belief in the power of compassion and collective action witnessing the profound challenges faced by communities in East Africa, I felt compelled to contribute to a cause that not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term resilience. Mission Relief’s dedication to operating on a 100% donation policy ensures that every effort and contribution translates into tangible relief for those in crisis. This transparent and direct impact is what motivates me every day to dedicate my time and skills to help make a difference.”

Hamza ahmed CEO of Mission Relief
Fasel Ahmed

“As a trustee for Mission Relief, my role is pivotal in ensuring the organisation operates effectively, ethically, and in accordance with its mission and values. My primary responsibility lies in providing strategic direction and oversight to the charity, safeguarding its assets, and advancing its objectives. This involves participating in decision-making processes regarding the charity’s policies, programs, and financial management.

Furthermore, as a trustee, I have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of the charity, its beneficiaries, and its stakeholders. This entails exercising due diligence, prudence, and care in decision-making, while also upholding transparency and accountability to donors, regulatory authorities, and the public. My role may also involve engaging with stakeholders, advocating for the charity’s mission, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Overall, as a trustee, I play a crucial role in guiding Mission Relief towards fulfilling its charitable purpose and making a positive impact in the community it serves.

My experience relevant to the role of Trustee at Mission Relief encompasses a blend of skills, knowledge, and personal attributes that directly resonate with the organisation’s needs and objectives. Serving as the Sales Director of a prominent serviced office provider, I’ve honed skills in sales, management, strategic planning, and forecasting, all of which are instrumental in driving Mission Relief’s goals forward. This background equips me with a strategic mindset and a proven ability to navigate complex challenges effectively, essential qualities for guiding Mission Relief towards fulfilling its mission and making a tangible impact in communities in need.

Mohammed Ishaq Hawa

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Hamza ahmed CEO of Mission Relief
Hamza ahmed CEO of Mission Relief
Sophia Naheed

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