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I. Introduction:

During the holy month of Ramadan, Mission Relief undertook various projects to provide essential aid and support to vulnerable communities. This completion report highlights the achievements, activities, and outcomes of these projects.

II. Masjid Iftar Project:

Under this project, Mission Relief organised Iftar meals in 12 different mosques. The team successfully provided a total of 2,400 hot meals to individuals fasting during Ramadhan. This initiative not only satisfied their hunger but also fostered a sense of community and unity.

III. Orphanage Visits and Meals Distribution:

Mission Relief visited nearly 50 orphanages and distributed meals to the young residents. A total of 4,500 meals were provided, ensuring that these children had nutritious food during Ramadan. These visits also included engaging activities and interactive sessions to provide emotional support and encouragement.

IV. Food Distribution in Various Locations:

In collaboration with partners, Mission Relief conducted four food distribution drives in Nairobi, Garissa, Garsen, and Chakama. These distributions aimed to alleviate hunger and food insecurity in these areas. The team ensured that essential food items were provided to those in need, benefiting numerous households.

V. Water Boozer Distribution in Mburukenge Slum:

To address water scarcity issues in the Mburukenge slum, Mission Relief distributed water boozers on five occasions. These boozers provided access to clean and safe water to a significant number of families, improving their living conditions and promoting good hygiene practices.

VI. Reusable Hygiene Packs Distribution:

Mission Relief distributed 100 reusable hygiene packs, including essential items such as soap, 2 underwears, leaflet, and 6 reusable pads. This initiative aimed to promote personal hygiene practices and prevent the spread of diseases.

VII. Zakat Distribution:

As part of our commitment to fulfilling religious obligations, Mission Relief distributed zakat in Garissa, Garsen, and Mkwiro Island. The funds were disbursed to deserving individuals and families, providing them with financial support during Ramadhan and assisting them in meeting their basic needs.

VIII. Eid Gifts Distribution:

To celebrate the joyous occasion of Eid, Mission Relief provided gifts to two orphanages, namely Island Muslim Girls Orphanage and Lady of Mercy Children’s Home. These gifts brought smiles to the faces of the children, assuring them that they are loved and cared for. The Mission Relief team also prayed Eid prayer with the children from Lady of Mercy Children’s Home showing them love and compassionate.

IX. Conclusion:

In summary, Mission Relief successfully executed a range of impactful projects during Ramadhan. These initiatives touched the lives of many individuals and communities, providing them with essential support, nourishment, and joy during this sacred month. The completion of these projects would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our team, volunteers, and generous donors.

Project Manager
Abdihamid Suleiman