Salman Anwar joins the board - Mission Relief - Mission Relief are a UK registered charity focused on alleviating the suffering and saving lives across the globe. We are dedicated on tackling the root cause of poverty and providing immediately relief to those most in need.

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A new trustee has been appointed, Salman Anwar will be joining the team at Mission Relief and shares his thoughts below:

“I am really excited to be part of Mission Relief. Having seen the work Hamza and the rest of the fantastic board have been doing for nearly two years has been inspirational. My day job involves brand development, networking, negotiating and risk management. I hope to bring those skills to the table when helping Mission Relief grow and support even more beneficiaries, insha’Allah.
I believe it is important to have good moral and ethical values but also to demonstrate and display them. Our donors put a lot of trust in use to deliver their amanah to the beneficiaries and seeing how serious all the board take this has been inspirational. I want to be a part of this to gain some share in the reward from the AlMighty and to further help MR demonstrate and display these values to its donors.”