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100% donation policy


Qurbani 2024 comes to a close

Thank to you everyone who donated to our Qurbani appeal this year, thank to you we were able to help many families and closed our most successful year to date! Mission Relief were able to donate a total of 412 animals to be used for Qurbani this year, consisting of both cows and goats. This […]

Salman Anwar joins the board

A new trustee has been appointed, Salman Anwar will be joining the team at Mission Relief and shares his thoughts below: “I am really excited to be part of Mission Relief. Having seen the work Hamza and the rest of the fantastic board have been doing for nearly two years has been inspirational. My day […]

Mission Relief Ramadan 2024 Projects Completion Report

I. Introduction: During the holy month of Ramadan, Mission Relief undertook various projects to provide essential aid and support to vulnerable communities. This completion report highlights the achievements, activities, and outcomes of these projects. II. Masjid Iftar Project: Under this project, Mission Relief organised Iftar meals in 12 different mosques. The team successfully provided a […]

100% Donation Policy

What is a 100% donation policy?  Policies provide guidance, consistency, accountability, efficiency, and clarity on how an organization operates. Mission Relief have created a ‘100% donation policy’ as guidance on how to operate for all its Trustees, Members and Volunteers. This helps eliminate any errors and gives clear guidelines on how to manage your donations.   Why […]

Mission Relief Ramadan food distribution 2022

Blog written by Hamza Ahmed (Trustee and Chairman of Mission Relief) Tana River In February, Mission Relief and its newly formed team decide to organise a fundraiser to feed the poor and needy in Kenya for the Month of Ramadan. We contacted our partners in Kenya and quickly recognised that there are a number of […]